General Travel Tips

As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, we provide activity participants with the sustainability savvy travel tips below.

  • Be selective – On your free days, please always consider choosing tourism businesses that share how they benefit people & planet,
  • Tread lightly – On your free days, please always consider choosing activities & transport options with a reduced environmental impact
  • Be informed – learn a bit about local nature, history & culture beforehand to enrich your experience
  • Respect your guide/host’s instructions regarding safety, local etiquette & dos and don’ts
  • Be respectful of privacy; obtain permission before taking photos/videos of people or sensitive sites
  • Respect others using the area so that their experience & access are not compromised
  • Be sensitive to the inequalities of our world and avoid displays of wealth, particularly in less privileged contexts
  • Ask questions – your local guide/host will happily share their knowledge
  • Take part – if you are invited to participate in a local custom, go for it!
  • If you want to give, ask us how to do so responsibly; offering sweets or money to individuals, for example, can often do more harm than good
  • Buy from local, small &/or community-owned businesses, especially if they feature local nature or culture
  • Be cautious about buying from children – you could unknowingly be supporting their exploitation
  • Refuse to buy souvenirs, food & beverages that harm the environment, people, or wildlife, especially those that are illegal to buy/sell
  • Respect customary tipping & trading practices – such as bartering – and pay fair prices
  • Reduce waste – from food to paper, remember to take only what & as much as you need, and bring re-usable items, e.g. water bottle, coffee cup, shopping / carry bag
  • Dispose of waste responsibly & use local recycling facilities where available
  • Be Waterwise – your participation shouldn’t place additional stress on water-scarce environments
  • Save energy to reduce your carbon footprint & your impact on local supply challenges
  • Support climate change action, e.g., offset or regeneration programs
  • Provide feedback about what you liked or how we can do better

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