Sea lions on the streets of galapagos san cristobal

5 popular destinations within the Galápagos Islands

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1: Tortuga bay

The Tortuga Bay on the Island Santa Cruz is one of the most beautiful beaches that the Galápagos Islands have to offer. There are two ways to reach Tortuga Bay:

You can walk a trail on the island or take a water-cab from Puerto Ayora which brings you to the Bay.

  • The water-cab costs about $10 USD.
  • The path is the most popular way to get to the Tortuga Bay, and you can see endemic wild animals of the Galápagos on the way.

At the Tortuga bay you can do several activities such as swimming, snorkeling and watch the wild animals of Galápagos.

2: Charles Darwin Station

The Charles Darwin Station on Santa Cruz in Puerto Ayora works for research and the protection of the ecosystem. The Foundation supports a project to raise young giant tortoises and then release them into the wild. During the visit, you get to know turtles with different ages from the eggs to a full-grown turtle, and you will learn everything about this mysterious but fantastic creatures. The entrance is included with the Galápagos National Park fee.

3: Kicker Rock

The Kicker Rock at the seaside of San Cristóbal is a huge cliff product of an eroded Volcano. Some people with great imagination can see a sphinx in the shape of the cliff. The Kicker Rock is home to many types of seabirds such as blue-footed boobies and frigate birds. The rock is one of the best places for snorkeling. A day trip costs $130 USD and a day trip including snorkeling costs $199 USD.

4: Volcano, Sierra Negra

Sierra Negra is the most active Volcano of the Galápagos Islands and is the second-biggest Volcano in the world. The last eruption was in June 2018. During the hike, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes over a colorful volcanic terrain. It is an easy track, but occasionally, there are muddy sections and rocky terrain. It is recommended to bring rain/mud protection with you.

A guided day trip costs $98 USD

5: Bartolome Island

Bartolome Island is an uninhabited island. The volcanic landscape of this island is breathtaking, and we have a great view to the Pinnacle Rock and the Santiago Island. Penguin fans have the chance to watch the waddling birds at the beach. The shuttle to the Bartolome Island lasts 2 hours.  A day trip including hiking and snorkeling costs around $277 USD.

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