Galapagos Natural Paradise

Galápagos natural paradise, which is probably the favorite destination in South America, is the most splendid place when you are interested in the fantastic species that surround us and how they are part of our evolution.

The Galápagos natural paradise islands are almost a thousand kilometers away from the continental zone. Most of the flora and fauna there are endemic, which makes the Galápagos one of the paradises that we can still enjoy on our planet. It is truly a lifetime experience, and all you need to do to “prepare” for them is simply brace yourself for the amazing.

With highly unusual wildlife and otherworldly landscapes that aren’t found anywhere, else, it is one of the most famous National Parks in the world. But also, we cannot forget to mention its extensive white sand beaches or ivory-colored sands, such as Tortuga Bay. The Galápagos Islands ecosystem is very sensitive to the impacts of tourism, so it is important to tread lightly as you go, and respect nature.

We can continue surprising ourselves with mysterious volcanic lava tunnels, diving areas with attractive colors and shapes, and internationally known prehistoric animals. Another of the wonders of the Galápagos Islands, without a doubt, is its birds. In a subtropical climate, these beautiful islands burst with natural life, two with an airport, connected with the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

Discover that the Galápagos natural paradise is spectacular, isolated and home to the famed Galápagos giant tortoise, Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands really do feel like another world. A land that time forgot, full of weird and wondrous creatures found only here, you can experience one of the most up-close and intimate wildlife encounters that exists on the planet today! Occasionally, last-minute deals to the Galápagos are also available, though it’s advisable to book your Galápagos vacation well in advance.

Puerto Ayora, EC
12:23 pm,
temperature icon 27°C
Humidity 70 %
Wind Gust: 8 mph
  • Flight Tickets (Quito – Galápagos – Quito)
  • Galápagos Land Tours 5 days / 4 nights: Tourist Class
  • Transfers
  • Spanish-speaking driver – Company shuttle service 1 Airport-Hotel 1 Hotel-Airport
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • International flights
  • Galápagos National Park Entrance Fee (US $100 per person)
  • Galápagos Migration Card TCT (US $20 per person)
  • Isabela entrance fee $5, if you arrive in public boat. / Isabela entrance fee $20, if boat pass by this island or for a daily tour. (Choose the correct fee depending on the program)
  • $10 per person for the bus from the airport to the Italaca Channel
  • Drinks and alcoholic beverages Travel Insurance Extra meals Personal expenses Airlines/Local taxes updates Tips
  • (Travel) insurance
  • Personal expenses such as gratuities
  • Wetsuit (can be rented on site)
  • Activities not mentioned

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