Health Recommendations

If you have already chosen your ideal itinerary to travel to Ecuador, or if you´re starting to plan your next vacation to this beautiful country, there are some considerations you need to take before packing your best travel outfit.

COVID protocols:

At your arrival, you must present a covid vaccination certificate with complete doses + 1 booster at least 14 days before arrival. This one is the only vaccine; the government asks for it as a requirement to enter the territory.

The authorities will ask you to fill out a Traveler’s Health Declaration Form, we recommend filling it out before arriving so you will save some time during the migration process.

If for any reason, you cannot get the Covid vaccine doses, in this case, you should present a negative PCR test. The test should be performed no longer than 72 hours before arrival.

Even when we´re fully vaccinated, masks should always be worn in public areas. Nowadays, in many places such as parks, malls, and supermarkets, they will ask for your vaccination card to be presented before allowing you to access it.

General healthy recommendations

Ecuador is a beautiful country, and its small territories, there are different altitudes and climate conditions that may affect your health conditions while traveling around its regions.  We want you to have the best experience during your stay and for that reason. We recommend making an appointment with your trusted physician a couple of weeks before traveling for some tips about health conditions. Notice that water and food treatments are different in South America, so your body may suffer from changes and even get an infection.

We invite you to read the following information and ask your physician for the vaccines or medication required.

About the Galápagos Islands

Depending on the season, the sun can be really intense and may cause sunburn. If you present a condition like allergies or skin sensitive disease that may affect your normal development, please let us know and ask your trusted Md. if will you need some special medication or treatment.

Andes Highlands

Ecuador Highlands has altitudes that range between 2000 to 6310 meters at their higher point.
At your arrival in Quito, you will face 2800 meters. Most of our clients usually deal very well with this altitude. If you present a condition like asthma or respiratory disease that may affect the course of your activities, please let us know and ask your trusted physician if will you need some medication or oxygen. We will be pleased to assist you in getting anything you need.

Hiking and climbing in the Andes, please notice these are considered extreme activities that demand excellent physical conditions and good acclimatization before trying to get to the summit.

Amazon Jungle

The Amazon rainforest is a very wet area, with rainfalls around 3300 mm yearly. Like most South America Amazon, tropical diseases like yellow fever, malaria, Chagas, Zika, Dengue are present. We haven’t had cases between our guests during tours, but we consider you should know this information to ask your trusted physician about special prevention methods besides insect repellent.

Coast region

Weather conditions are similar to the Galapagos Islands, and insect transmission diseases are present too. If you are visiting this region during your tour, we recommend you take the best advice your trusted physician could give you to face this new environment and conditions.      

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