Río Muchacho

The organic farm and ecological center of Rio Muchacho, located in the valley of the same name on the coast of Ecuador, 40 minutes north of the Ecological City of Bahía de Caráquez and 15 minutes from Canoa Beach, stands as a sanctuary of sustainability and learning. Covering 10 hectares, this unique space offers its visitors a tranquil and authentic environment, away from conventional tourist attractions. 

With almost 30 years of history, Rio Muchacho has been internationally recognized as a positive development project, notable for its high-impact achievements in the local environment. The farm is deeply integrated into the local community, serving as a reference in permaculture and sustainable agriculture. It offers a variety of courses and training tailored to diverse participants. 


This sustainability oasis is based on the principles of agroecology and permaculture, featuring 10 hectares that host food forests, orchards, pastures, agroforestry areas, alternative energy models, and animal breeding zones. Among its achievements and recognitions are its inclusion in National Geographic Travel’s list of 8 favorite places to stay in Ecuador and being considered one of the 13 most ecological destinations in the world by TV5 Ocean Pacific Canada. 

One of the farm’s most significant projects has been the Rio Muchacho Environmental School, Ecuador’s first Community Environmental School. For 23 years, it provided hands-on environmental education to generations of children in the community, offering them new perspectives and skills for the future. Since 2015, the farm’s educational focus shifted to adapt to the changing needs of the community, becoming an extracurricular center that leverages the potential and availability of courses in the community, without the administrative complications of the Ministry of Education.

How to help

Funds for education assistance

Voluntary 😉
  • School supplies
  • Materials
  • Fund for books, etc.

Funds to develop new sustainability models

Voluntary 🙂
  • Biodigesters
  • Plastic wood
  • Recycling systems

They also need funds because they had to rebuild essentially 80% of their facilities after the earthquake and then went through a tough time during COVID, a situation that has not allowed them to fully recover.

Want to visit ?

Ask your travel advisor to include a visit to Rio Muchacho. Whether with family, friends, or solo, Rio Muchacho welcomes you, offering a charming place to rest and immerse yourself in life at a more leisurely pace. It provides private accommodations, ideal for families and surrounded by nature, as well as a variety of tours and activities. Additionally, it has an extensive play and entertainment area designed especially for the little ones.

If you want to donate...

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