4 Reasons why traveling is way more than visiting places

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In this article, you will find several reasons why traveling is much more than visiting places.

Reason number 1: Getting to know yourself

While you travel, you will start noticing new things about yourself, starting with discovering what you like to do, some people realize they are quite different as they thought they were. You will notice what you really like when the time is scarce, you will take advantage of every second doing what you like and avoiding what you don’t.

This is something great since this introspection will be useful for life, after getting to know yourself your whole life will be better, and you will have the chance to differentiate the goals you want from the ones you don’t, so you will concentrate on your energy only on the goals that matter to you.

Reason number 2: People

When you are away from home, most people feel they are out of their comfort zone, when this happens, you will start to feel you need help, this is something natural and for sure you will find it especially if you will look for it from other people such as other travelers, workers, or people on the streets.

At the moment you feel someone is helping you, for little to help it is you will develop a special relationship with them, strangers will become friends in no time, this will never happen in your comfort zone because probably you already have lots of friends there, and you feel you don’t need any help. These people that you meet when you travel will stay in your memories forever. Even if you don’t see them or know anything about them for years, the second you reconnect with them, it will feel like time hasn’t happened, and all the good memories will stay intact. Sharing those amazing moments will make this new friend a living memory of that amazing experience. Believe me, you will treasure these new friends and those memories with so much love.

Reason number 3: Learning mode

When you are traveling, your brain changes into learning mode. This is the way I call the mood you enter when you are traveling. From the moment you step into a new country or region, your brain will tell you to go explore this new place and culture you are visiting. The curiosity wakes up, the same way as when you were a child. The world will be 100 times more interesting, so you will try to absorb everything you see or feel around yourself.

 This applies to learning a new language, food recipes, directions, cultural or historical information, and even to music such as dancing, lyrics or even playing a new instrument. So, keep your mind open to new things you will learn naturally when you are traveling.

Reason number 4: Power Up

It’s well known that after a trip you feel different, and believe me, people around you also will notice. After living the experience of being far from your friends and family, you will arrive home, and everything will feel different, starting with your house, the people that surround you, and even the air you breathe will be different for you. For sure something has changed. But it’s not what you think, what has changed is you.

After creating so many new memories that you will treasure forever, your brain will be working differently, that’s why everything that was normal or common doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

You, your brain, and your senses are powered up because of your trip. After every big experience, there is new knowledge that your brain will be processing for a while, so after arriving from your trip the feeling of seeing everything different from before will last. This will be excellent for your personal life since you have new ideas, new stories, and new ambitions that you will share with the people you love, this is contagious, and your friends and family will also get excited from hearing these new ideas and plans you have now and also because of the great stories you will be telling!

So, this power-up is not just for the traveler, it’s also something great for the people around him.

Of course, there are hundreds of reasons why traveling is something great for you, so please don’t think that traveling is only about visiting places. Of course, getting to know new places in this wonderful world we live in is something fantastic. But be sure it’s not the only, while you are traveling, you will grow as a person, you will expand your horizons physically and mentally speaking and the world you see after that trip will be much better for you and your loved ones.

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