Aqua Immersione

Aqua Diving cruise is the ideal boat for divers and adventure lovers of all ages! Expert diving instructors/naturalist guides will accompany you and your companions on a journey to discovering the unique Galápagos Islands.

Dive and visit only the most spectacular sites around the Galápagos Islands. Few people get to see what lies beneath the beautiful Galápagos Islands, and now is your chance! It has an exclusive diving itinerary to the most incredible locations all around the Archipelago.

The wide variety of diving sites will ensure that you never experience the same marine life two times! Aqua is a spacious, traditional motor yacht that offers excellent value for money.

Uniquely she offers both naturalist and diving itineraries, a comfortable motor yacht, all perfect for adventurers of all ages.

Its full-size double beds on the lower and main deck and ocean-view windows on the main and upper deck cabins are matched with a cozy solarium with loungers and stunning views.

Aqua yacht social areas include a cozy lounge with a bar and small library, and a solarium to appreciate the stunning ocean views as you relax.

Aqua diving cruise offers a unique combination of both live aboard diving safaris, including the best diving sites of the archipelago, and naturalist cruises for seeing what makes the islands themselves so special, something that should not be missed when visiting the Galápagos Islands and its surroundings.

You may include diving around some of Galápagos best sites including Wolf and Darwin or you can also join a shorter naturalist cruise on this liveaboard, a great way to make your Galápagos experience complete.
For those who want to experience the best of the Galápagos Islands on a budget, the Galápagos Aqua cruise is a clear choice for unbeatable value diving and naturalist itineraries. 

Puerto Ayora, EC
2:44 am,
temperature icon 23°C
Humidity 87 %
Wind Gust: 11 mph

Piano di viaggio

Tuesday – Baltra Airport – Northern Baltra (Test Dive) 

Wednesday – Cove Marshall (2 Dives) / Cousin’s Rock (1 Dive)

Thursday – Darwin Island (4 Dives) 

Friday – Darwin Island (2 Dives) / Lobos Island (2 dives) 

Saturday – Lobos Island (3 Dives) 

Sunday – Vicente Roca Point (1 Dive) / Cape Douglas (1 Dive) 

Monday – Roca Cousins (2 Dives) / Santa Cruz Island – Highlands 

Tuesday – Santa Cruz Island / Baltra Airport


 Motor Yacht
 85 ft. ( 26 m )
 18 ft. ( 5.48 m )
 16 passengers
 8 crew members + 1 Naturalist Multilingual guide + Dive Guide
 9 Knots
 Tuesday, Friday
 Snorkeling, swimming, hiking

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