Ecuador and Galapagos

Ecuador and Galapagos Experience tour combines the Ecuadorian highlights to taste the country in a short circuit. As you travel through Ecuador, you’ll likely be amazed at its natural biodiversity. During the trip, you will face different landscapes while enjoying the trip through the Cloud Forest, the Andean Paramo, and the volcanic islands, each one with its own endemic flora.

Walking through Quito´s Historical Center, you will be a witness to the preservation of the Colonial greatest architecture. Try to imagine how difficult it was to build a city in the XVI Century while our guide explains history, religion, arts, and architecture.

By learning how to prepare a traditional dish and tasting the best flavors we have in Ecuador, you will understand how lucky Ecuadorians are to have a large and colorful variety of agricultural products. Bitter chocolate, sweet fruits, and strong spirits are some of the savors that will blow up your senses.

The highlands of Ecuador are home to hundreds of indigenous communities; most of them still preserve their ancient traditions and combine them with modern living.  It is not unusual to see people walking through the country fields, grazing sheep and cows, wearing their traditional outfits while talking or chatting on their smartphones. We challenge you to learn a couple of kichwa words and make a stop on the way to say Hi!

Esperienza in Ecuador e Galapagos

The program include time for trying your best photoshoots. It also includes time to make your heart bits faster, not only for the adventures involved but for the breathtaking sceneries you will see.

To complete this outstanding journey, you will fly to the Enchanted Islands. Hop from one gorgeous island to another, marvel at the serenity of its pristine beaches, swim with endemic Sea Lions that will probably laugh at your skills, watch in awe the Galapagos Great frigate birds flying in elegance and the astonishing cuteness of the Blue-Footed Boobies, and see the strong steps of the Galapagos Giant Tortoises walking.

Quito, EC
11:37 am,
temperature icon 21°C
Humidity 72 %
Wind Gust: 6 mph
Puerto Ayora, EC
10:37 am,
temperature icon 24°C
Humidity 78 %
Wind Gust: 10 mph
  • Flight Tickets (Quito – Galápagos – Quito)
  • Galápagos Land Tours 5 days / 4 nights: Tourist Class
  • Transfers
  • Spanish-speaking driver – Company shuttle service 1 Airport-Hotel 1 Hotel-Airport
  • Sistemazione
  • Pasti
  • Voli internazionali
  • Galápagos National Park entrance fee (US$100 per person)
  • Carta della migrazione delle Galápagos TCT (20 USD a persona)
  • Isabela entrance fee $5, if you arrive in public boat. / Isabela entrance fee $20, if boat pass by this island or for a daily tour. (Choose the correct fee depending on the program)
  • $10 per person for the bus from the airport to the Italaca Channel
  • Drinks and alcoholic beverages Travel Insurance Extra meals Personal expenses Airlines/Local taxes updates Tips
  • Assicurazione (di viaggio)
  • Spese personali, come le mance
  • Muta (può essere noleggiata in loco)
  • Activities not mentioned

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