Inti Sisa

Inti Sisa is a community project located in Guamote, a region in Ecuador known for its strong indigenous culture, where 95 percent of the population identifies as indigenous, compared to only 7 percent nationwide. The name “Inti Sisa” means sunflower in the local Kichwa language. Historically, the indigenous people in Guamote were subjected to slavery on large haciendas and denied access to education until the 1970s when significant agricultural reforms were implemented. Despite these reforms, Guamote remains one of the poorest and least developed regions in Ecuador.

Founded in 1999, Inti Sisa focuses on providing educational opportunities for adults and supporting local primary and secondary schools. Their educational center in the village offers sewing classes, English courses, recreational activities, computer courses, and homework support. They also operate a kindergarten for 40 three- and four-year-old children.


In 2002, a workshop focused on cutting and sewing was established, providing opportunities, mainly for single mothers, for people in the communities to find dignified sources of work and support various entrepreneurial endeavors. This initiative also aims to create a support and learning network among adult women and young girls who often find themselves in vulnerable situations due to a culture of inequality and gender-based violence. Thanks to this center, community members can explore alternative employment options, empowering themselves and reducing high migration rates driven by a perception of a lack of opportunities for progress in the area.

How to help

With your support, we can continue offering sewing classes to talented young individuals and adult women, stimulating their entrepreneurial spirit and financial resilience. Providing women with the opportunity to generate income promotes economic empowerment, enabling them to contribute significantly to their homes and communities. Financial independence fosters self-confidence and enhances decision-making power, leading to greater gender equality. The income provides women with the means to access better healthcare, education, and essential services for themselves and their families. This financial stability translates into a better quality of life, breaking the cycle of poverty and violence, and promoting overall well-being.

Inti Sisa is currently seeking donations in USD to acquire various machinery and materials that will empower more women entrepreneurs. If you wish to support, you can assist us with your collaboration to achieve the following goals:

Donation #1

$ 1485
  • Industrial overlock machine

Donation #2

$ 770
  • Industrial straight stitch sewing machine

Donation #3

$ 775
  • Leather sewing machine

Donation #4

$ 390
  • Straight stitch sewing machine

Donation #5

$ 825
  • Overlock machine

Donation #6

$ 200
  • Scholarship (6 months of sewing classes) per student.

Donation #7

$ 55
  • Sewing material kit per student.

Together, we create successful stories of empowerment, innovation, and sustainable growth!

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Include a visit to Guamote in your cultural tour or ask your travel advisor to arrange a visit. 

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