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6 reasons not to travel to Ecuador

5 reasons NOT to travel to Ecuador

5 reasons NOT to travel to Ecuador

1: Galápagos Islands.

Who would want to come and explore the so called “enchanted islands”? There’s nothing new in being surrounded by friendly wild animals or to swim along with sea lions or dolphins in clear pure water. You can see fish in the acquarium at home, of course!

2: Lagoons inside extint volcanoes.

How dangerous would it be to see this natural monument in the Andes and even camp around it! As a group, couple or solo traveler, visiting the Quilotoa Lagoon seems quite boring, let’s stay home and go to the swimming pool!

3: The Amazon Rainforest.

Why would anyone want a natural and lifeful experience in the most diverse ecosystem in the world? For sure I will have the same experience in the park at my hometown. Activities such as rafting, tubing, kayaking, canopy / zip line, relaxation and more! Not in this lifetime!

4: Pacific beaches.

To enjoy a great beach, delicious seafood and party time on a beach in the south pacific ocean seems quite impossible! Not on my travel adventures checklist.

5: The Ecuadorian Cuisine.

People keep telling me that Ecuadorian food is superb delicious but I wonder why a Ceviche, an Encebollado, a locro de papas (potatoes soup), churrasco and many more dishes with delicious condiments, meat, vegetables and its vegan versions… wait, I’m hungry now!

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Ecuador and its cities have won, for many years, the best destination in South America. If you want to know why and probably plan a future trip for the gap year or any vacation holiday, do not hesitate in contacting us!

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