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We are specialized in Ecuador – Galápagos Tailor-Made Trips, providing fascinating cultural and adventurous experiences in the Andes; relaxing beach holidays on the sandy shores of the Pacific Coast; trips into the mysterious verdant world of the Amazon rainforest; comfortable hotel accommodation in major cities; and cruises that allow you to explore the enchanted Galápagos Islands.

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Traveling through Ecuador: Andes, Amazon & Galápagos Islands

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Last-minute Cruises

The Galápagos Islands are a very exclusive travel destination, and availabilities for cruises and travel are often scarce.

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Hotels in Ecuador

Ecuador offers many good places to stay, including comfortable hotels in all major cities.

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Adventure travel

We are your support If you want to experience an unforgettable time full of outdoor activities and adventures.

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Shops & Tips

We give you the best tips if you want to buy handicrafts or enjoy a great time by yourself while travelling.

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