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Responsible Travel is a specialist for fascinating cultural and adventure tours into the mysterious verdant world of the Amazon rainforest.

Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest is one of the Earth’s great wildernesses, a dream destination in Ecuador for travelers and adventurers alike, renowned for its biological and cultural diversity, and for travel opportunities with accessible timeframes and budgets.

Amazon Rainforest

You can experience the Amazon rain forest in a special way. A perfect mix of wildlife observation, hiking, paddling, cultural exchange, and relaxation. Below you will find a wide variety of lodges and tours, all providing unique adventures in the Ecuadorian rainforests, including tours into the national reserves of Cuyabeno and Yasuni.

While you’re exploring the beautiful Amazon Rainforest, you will try something truly memorable and different, get off the beaten tourist paths, and experience a complete immersion in the deep jungle while enjoying the intimacy of a small group trip.

Our trip will take you on a journey deep into the evergreen pristine jungle, be immersed in extraordinary and ancient cultures that have survived the centuries, and explore the amazingly diverse tropical flora and fauna whilst traveling through the Amazon basin, which is an innovative way to sail and explore the jungle.

All these are located in the most diverse and incredible areas of the Ecuadorian Rainforest It is truly one of the most amazing places to see in the Amazon: jungle walks, biodiversity, birdwatching, shamanism, and indigenous culture is just something that you can experience out here! Between majestic and breathtaking landscapes, you can enjoy a variety of activities that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

In the Amazon rainforest live several indigenous nationalities, over 60 percent of the mammal species as well as over 50 percent of the amphibian species of the Ecuadorian Amazon can be found here.

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