Galapagos Cruises: What is the best option?

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The Galapagos Islands are among the most sought-after exotic destinations in the world. The Islands are located almost 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, just two and a half hours’ flight from Quito, with a 30-minute wait in Guayaquil. With its 13 different in size, only 4 are populated; Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela, and Floreana.

Galapagos has 2 airports, Seymour Airport, located to the north of Santa Cruz, and San Cristobal Airport. For this reason, cruises have their departure from one of these two important islands. It all depends on the ship and the number of days your cruise will sail during this fantastic trip.

How do I choose the right cruise?  That’s the question everyone is asking, Galapagos has more than 50 cruises, it all depends on the duration they have, the preference of each passenger, and of course, the budget you plan to invest in the trip.

Let’s start: The minimum to enjoy Galapagos is 4 days, there are no boats that do less than this, and the maximum is 15 days, where you will visit most of the islands, from here the itineraries are repeated, although the cruises have specific points of visit approved every year by the Galapagos National Park Directorate, they are the same points if you decide to travel in the same boat for a longer time.

Now that we know the fundamentals, Let’s classify the cruise ships:

By Size and Capacity: There are few ships that have an average capacity, the maximum we can find is 90-100 passengers, 40-49 passengers, and 20-30 passengers. Although the vast majority of ships have the capacity for 16 passengers, there are also 8 to 12 passengers’ capacity.

By type of Cruise Ship: From large Vessel Type Yachts, we also have the Catamarans, very popular on the islands for their stability in navigation, Yacht monohull boats that with their versatility sail smoothly between islands, we have a small fleet of sailboats type of boats, all with a cozy and family atmosphere.

By type of Excursion: Although the vast majority of cruises in the Galapagos are Naturalist expeditions, there is the possibility of embarking on exclusive diving tours that are only available on 8-day trips. Here, experience is required, you must have open water PADI license with recorded dives since the islands to be visited will be Wolf, Darwin among others, where the waters are for professionals, who will be rewarded with the most beautiful seascapes and unique marine life in the world.

By Category: You can choose from Budget, Comfort, Mid-range, First Class, First Class Plus, but keep in mind that the cabins can vary a lot. Most of the boats only have double cabins and in the case of the Economy ones, the accommodations are in bunk beds. There are many options of which you can enjoy according to your preferences.

Whatever your choice is, It would be the perfect one to enjoy together with your family and friends or on an amazing and unforgettable honeymoon, just prepare your suitcase and do not dream of traveling, travel while dreaming.

It is important to know that flights to Galapagos leave very early in the morning on the first day and at the end of your cruise. Your flight will arrive at the end of the afternoon back to Ecuador Mainland. Therefore, we recommend staying one night before and after in Quito or Guayaquil, so you will not lose your international connections and you can enjoy Ecuadorian hospitality.

In case you wish to extend your stay, here are some recommendations to add a value to your trip:

Quito: Ecuador´s capital and cradle of majestic colonial churches, and the Middle of the World.

Otavalo: Indigenous Market of Colorful Handcrafts ideal place to buy souvenirs.

Mindo: Cloud Forest beautiful place for bird-watching lovers.

Cotopaxi: One of the largest active volcanoes in the world surrounded by páramo and wonderful views.

Quilotoa: One of the most beautiful turquoise water crater lakes lagoons in the world.

Baños: Village surrounded by waterfalls and the well-known End of the World Swing.

Cuyabeno and Yasuni: Ecuador is the cradle of wonderful jungle landscapes.

Ingapirca: The most famous ruins that Ecuador has.

Cuenca: City with the largest historic center in Ecuador.

Guayaquil: The commercial capital of Ecuador and the main port of the country.

Reminder: Galapagos Cruises are exclusively for excursions, all the time there will be activities to be done. Unlike other destinations, the most important thing is to discover the beauty of its exotic and unique Fauna, the primitive Flora and the Geological Formations that give us this fantastic place. If you want to enjoy the Sun and the Beach, we recommend extending your trip by staying on one of the islands at the end of your cruise.

Feel free to write or contact us for more information. Our team is ready to meet and satisfy your travel needs.

NB: If you want to check the land tours in the Enchanted Islands or Continental Ecuador, check our site:

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