Galápagos Islands Tours

Charles Darwin visited the Galápagos Islands in 1835: Deeply impressed by their unique nature, flora and fauna, he was inspired to write his theory of evolution. By visiting the Galápagos Islands, you too will be inspired by the exclusive scenery at the equator line. Make time to discover the wonders of the animal and plant kingdom evolving on the Galápagos archipelago. While for many years the only way to discover the Galápagos Islands has been on a cruise, now you can combine a comfortable hotel stay on one or several of the islands with day tours into the national park as well as the marine reserve.

The 200th anniversary of the birth of evolutionary biologist, Charles Darwin, has seen the Galápagos Islands in the media spotlight recently with a host of celebrity and Royal visitors to this untouched and unique paradise. The Galápagos and the country of Ecuador, to which it belongs, are rapidly becoming top holiday destinations and are still regarded as an exclusive travel choice off the beaten track. Galápagos’ cruises are available for every budget with more than 50 yachts available, catering for exclusive, comfort, standard and shoestring voyages.

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