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When you visit Ecuador, you might want to while away the last days of your travel experience on one of the palm-fringed beaches of the Ecuadorian coast. Enjoy a relaxing beach holiday on the sands of the pacific coast in Puerto Rico, Manta or Salinas. In the time from June to September humpback whales can be observed along the coast while many other activities like boat excursions, fishing, surfing, and hiking are available the whole year through. Due to its many sunny days, the coast of Ecuador is also known as the “Ruta del Sol”.

Ruta del Sol

The Ecuadorian coast has many places to see, and visiting the coastal towns of Ecuador gives a special insight into rural Ecuadorian life that you might not otherwise get on a visit to this South American nation.
There are plenty of beaches and towns, such as Los Frailes – near Puerto Lopez – or further north, like Mompiche, Canoa, and Esmeraldas. Ecuador’s coastline has plenty of places to see, but one of the nicest areas of the coast is arguably along “La Ruta Del Sol” or, in English, the Path of the Sun.
You will be amazed and find exotic and paradisiacal nature places next to the beautiful and increasing cities of the coastal cities like Guayaquil or Manta. The Ecuadorian coast is definitely a great place to explore, lined with beautiful beach towns serving delicious seafood, all well worth a visit.

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The Ecuadorian Coast is the land of eternal summer, well known and busy for its beautiful beaches, soft sand and excellent and delicious cuisine.

Hammocks in Pacific Coast Ecuador

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