Good practices for the prevention of sexual exploitation of minors in tourism

The following code of conduct has been developed to provide guidelines for all those involved within our tourism operation, including passengers, suppliers, and our staff, in cases where Sexual and/or Labor Exploitation of Children and Teenagers in the Tourism industry is suspected.

  • Inform all personnel of the organization that the sexual exploitation of children and Teenagers is a crime that can be punished with the deprivation of liberty of all persons involved in the chain of responsibility.
  • Inform and train in the handling of suspected cases so that when there’s at least one indicator detected, the person in charge of the protocols application and the corresponding authorities are immediately informed (Click here).
  • Place information material on the prevention of sexual exploitation of children and teenagers, as well as the measures that the establishment assumes to protect children and teens, through various printed or electronic media and in visible places in the establishment. Some sources of information are:, ChildSafe, UNICEF and ECPAT.
  • Work only with suppliers that fully comply with the Code of Conduct on the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Teens in the Context of Travel and Tourism; or any current regulations and legislation that protects minors.
  • Promote values of respect and commitment among local and foreign tourists visiting our country.

To learn more about the situation in Ecuador, we invite you to read about it in the SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS ON COMMERCIAL SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS IN ECUADOR.

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