Isabela II

Isabela II yacht is a Galápagos cruise that offers the perfect, intimate space for everyone on board to enjoy the Galápagos Islands in comfort.

It is exclusive and comfortable, with accommodating only 40 guests! Isabela II yacht offers the perfect, intimate space for exploring Darwin’s islands in comfort. With plenty of room available, traditionalists will enjoy feeling at home with a crew that has remained almost unchanged for years, leading to seamless attention to detail that will make your stay extra special.

Explore the coast with your guides on our pangas, glass-bottom boat, paddleboards, and kayaks, or get wet and snorkel! Everyone will get top facilities and equipment, delicious meals, and safe and stimulating, expertly planned expeditions throughout the islands.

With some of the latest advances in sustainable sailing, Isabella II aims to protect the delicate and beautiful ecosystem that it explores, and modern engine technology economizes fuel consumption, and our onboard water desalination and treatment plants protect the waters around the Galápagos. Guiding is excellent on the Isabela II cruise, and there is state-of-the-art technology for multimedia presentations and natural history lectures.

The cruise offers all the amenities of a larger vessel, including a lounge bar, a gym, dining room, lounge, sun deck, and a reading room with an magnificent selection of books, especially about the Galápagos. On the sundeck, you will find a bar with ample seating areas, an ideal sunbathing area, and an area for dolphin and whale watching, as well as a Jacuzzi and a solarium.

The excellent 7 Days itinerary around the western islands Isabela and Fernandina, and Genovesa in the north, is especially attractive. With three high-quality naturalist guides aboard, the Isabela II is an elegant and inviting way to explore the Galápagos.

Cash and credit cards are accepted for onboard spending money, so you may travel in a calm, elegant and sophisticated environment.

Puerto Ayora, EC
8:42 pm,
temperature icon 25°C
Humidity 96 %
Wind Gust: 5 mph

Piano di viaggio

  • Friday – Baltra’s Airport / Santa Cruz Island – Las Bachas Beach
  • Saturday – San Cristobal Island – Cerro Colorado / Pitt Point 
  • Sunday – Española Island – Suarez Point / Gardner Bay 
  • Monday – Floreana Island – Cormorant Point / Post Office Bay – Baroness Lookout 
  • Tuesday – Isabela Island – Moreno Point – Mangle Point 
  • Wednesday – Eden Islet / North Seymour Island 
  • Thursday – Baltra Airport – North Seymour / Baltra Airport
  • Monday – Baltra Airport / Santa Cruz Island – Highlands – Ayora Port
  • Tuesday – Santiago Island / Egas Port – Chinese Hat Islet
  • Wednesday – Genovesa Island – Prince Philip’s Steps – Darwin Bay
  • Thursday – Santa Fe Island / Santa Cruz Island – Carrion Point
  • Friday – Baltra Airport – San Cristobal Island – Interpretation Center – San Cristobal Airport
  • Thursday – Baltra Airport / Santa Cruz Island – Charles Darwin Station – Ayora Port
  • Friday – Bartolome Island / Santiago Island – Sullivan Bay
  • Saturday – Santa Cruz Island – Dragon Hill / Santiago Island – James Bay
  • Sunday – Isabela Island – Vicente Roca Point / Fernandina Island – Espinoza Point
  • Monday – Baltra Airport


 Expedition Yacht
 166 ft. ( 53.72 m )
: 38 ft. ( 11.58 m )
 40 passengers
 24 crew members + 3 Naturalist Multilingual guides
 10 knots
 Monday, Tuesday, Friday
 Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, hiking, glass bottom boat

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