Pride Luxury Yacht: Elevating Your LGBT+ Travel Experience in South America

June 16th - 20th 2024

redefine your LGBT+ travel experience

Discover a new era in luxury travel with Kontiki Expeditions, a pioneering concept in conscious ocean vacations. Navigating the Ecuadorian coast, Kontiki offers immersive experiences blending indigenous foods, cultural traditions, and sustainable practices. The 128-foot-long M/Y Kontiki Wayra boutique yacht, hosting only nine staterooms for a maximum of 18 guests, ensures an intimate and eco-conscious journey. With a crew of 13 dedicated professionals, including naturalist guides and local chefs, guests embark on an unforgettable exploration of Ecuador's coastal region. Kontiki Wayra features entertainment areas, a sundeck, a gourmet salon, outdoor lounges, an organic bar, a jacuzzi, and a gym.



Manta - Ayangue

Embark on a coastal Ecuador discovery journey starting in Manta, a pivotal port city renowned for its tuna industry. Joining the vibrant M/Y Kontiki Wayra, adorned with lively colors, your experience begins with a warm welcome and check-in at Manta’s port authority. Our concierge introduces the crew, guides you through the yacht, and assigns staterooms. In the evening, savor a welcome dinner crafted by our executive chef.


Overnight sailing to Ayangue


Ayangue - Machalilla National Park

Explore Ayangue's tranquility on day 2, known as the Pool of the Pacific. A snorkeling adventure at El Pelado is a unique chance to mingle with sea lions and uncover underwater wonders. From June to October, witness humpback whales up close. After marine activities and lunch onboard, discover Ayangue's beach and delve into Valdivia culture with a hands-on clay experience. Conclude the day with a gourmet body sushi dinner under the stars on the yacht.


Sailing to Machalilla National Park


Machalilla National Park - Isla de la Plata

Embark on a cultural and natural odyssey at Machalilla National Park. Explore the archaeological wonders of Agua Blanca, showcasing remnants of the Manteño Culture dating back to 1500 A.C. Participate in an ancestral ritual guided by community shamans. After lunch onboard, indulge in a private beach experience at Machalilla's islets, featuring marine activities and a beach club. Conclude the day with a stunning sunset and dinner on the yacht's main deck.


Sailing to Isla de la Plata.

*Depending on favorable weather conditions


Isla de la Plata - Pacoche / San Lorenzo

Embark on a marine adventure at Isla de la Plata, within Machalilla National Park. Explore nesting areas of Blue Footed Boobies and Frigatebirds during a land expedition. After a delectable lunch onboard, engage in a guided underwater snorkeling expedition, encountering marine wonders like giant stingrays and whale sharks. From June to October, witness distant humpback whales during mating season. Conclude the day with a white dress code sunset party featuring the freshest seafood and signature cocktails.

Sailing to Pacoche / San Lorenzo.

*Depending on favorable weather conditions.


Pacoche / San Lorenzo - Manta

Embark on a cultural and wildlife odyssey after breakfast onboard. Explore the Refuge of Coastal Marine Wildlife Pacoche, hiking through lush forests inhabited by howling monkeys. Visit San Lorenzo, a prime nesting site for marine turtles, with the possibility of witnessing baby turtles during hatching season. Indulge in a gastronomic experience using a manabita ancestral oven and discover the Toquilla straw hat tradition in Pile. Conclude with a UNESCO-designated cultural experience before transferring to Manta's airport or your chosen hotel.


End of services.


Technical Data Sheet

Year built, Shipyard Guests Crew
2011, Varadero Maridueña 18 13
Complete remodeling of the yacht 
Guest cabins 
9 automated staterooms (3 double, 6 x double or twin) 
39 mts 
8.20 mts 
5 outdoor recreational areas 
Gross tonnage 
1.42 mts 
2 x 715 hp Caterpillar 
Maxuimum speed 
Cruising speed 
Fuel consumption at cruising speed 
18 knots 
12 knots 
30 gals./hr 

5 Days and 4 Nights itinerary

  • Day 1. Manta - Ayangue
  • Day 2. Ayangue - Machalilla National Park
  • Day 3. Machalilla National Park - Isla de la Plata
  • Day 4. Isla de la Plata - Pacoche / San Lorenzo
  • Day 5. Pacoche / San Lorenzo - Manta

Tailored for Inclusivity: Pride Luxury Yacht is meticulously designed to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for the LGBT+ community.

P: +593 99 923 2751


A: Wilson OE 7-56 y Diego de Almagro, Quito - Ecuador

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