Ecuador’s Pacific Coast

From Guayaquil to Puerto López

Ecuador is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country not only in the highlands but also in the Pacific Coast where ancient cultures lived, and you can still experience the local traditions, for example of the montubios and the cholos.
When traveling along the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast, you’ll likely be amazed by its natural biodiversity. Ancient cultures lived in this territory. Most people travel to Ecuador to see and experience flora and fauna they might otherwise never see, while not realizing how unique the cultures here are, too. Traveling just a few hours by car or bus, you can arrive in an entirely new community with its customs, dishes and particular dialects.

Enjoy the pristine landscapes of the Ecuador’s Pacific Coast with multiple activities for you to enjoy.

Swim at the beautiful Los Frailes Beach, get to know the tropical lifestyle at the Ecuador’s Pacific Coast!

Enjoy two different ecosystems while exploring the natural diversity!

Guayaquil, EC
7:08 pm,
temperature icon 33°C
Humidity 52 %
Wind Gust: 0 mph
Manta, EC
7:08 pm,
temperature icon 28°C
Humidity 74 %
Wind Gust: 0 mph

Piano di viaggio

Giorno 01
Guayaquil-Puerto López- Los Frailes

Guayaquil is the second-biggest city of Ecuador, and it is the principal commercial port of Ecuador.
This day you will start this adventure with an early pickup at 8:00, and then you go on your road trip along the Pacific Coast to Puerto López where you will have a delicious lunch.
In the afternoon, you will visit Machalilla National Park and the beach inside the reserve named Los Frailes. A short hike leads you through the coastal vegetation to this beach, said to be the most beautiful beach on the Ecuadorian coast.
Enjoy the peace of the beach and refresh during a swim in the wide bay before returning to Puerto Lopez.
Pasti: -/L/-
Pernottamento: Puerto López

Giorno 02
From the cloud forest to the dry forest.

On this day, you will drive into the back land of Puerto Lopez to go on a hike on the Bola de Oro trail through the dense cloud forest to Agua Blanca Community in the middle of the coastal dry forest, experiencing two different, important ecosystems of the Ecuadorian coast along your way.

Agua Blanca Community is also part of Machalilla National Park, and it is one of the Ecotourism pioneers in Ecuador. It is also the site of an ancient culture, with a small museum and offers a very relaxing bath in a lagoon with sulfurous water.
Pasti: B/L/-
Pernottamento: Puerto López

Giorno 03
Isla de la Plata Boat Tour

From Puerto López you will take a boat to Isla de la Plata which you reach in approximately 40 minutes, this is if you do not encounter some Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) on your way to the island, as especially from June to September you can often spot these giants float in the sea between the mainland and the island.
On the island, you usually choose one of the two paths according to your physical condition.
This Island is part of Machalilla National Park and is also known as the “Little Galápagos” because here you can typically encounter blue-footed boobies, red-footed boobies, frigate birds and albatross.
Furthermore, the island is known for its mysterious history, including several visits of the famous English pirate Francis Drake, who used to attack Spanish Ships along the South American coast.
Activities: Snorkeling, Hiking, Swimming.
Pasti: B/L/-
Pernottamento: Puerto López

Giorno 04
Pacoche Ecological Reserve-Montecristi-Guayaquil

On this day, you will first travel further north to the Pacoche Ecological Reserve, one of the last remaining semi-dry tropical forests, at the Ecuadorian coast.

Pacoche is well-known for the howler monkeys, and over 250 species of birds, from which 55 are endemic. Afterwards, you will visit the small town of Montecristi. There you will visit artisans that keep the traditional knowledge of how to elaborate the famous Panama Hats (and learn why the name is not correct). Montecristi is also the birthplace of one of Ecuador’s former presidents, Eloy Alfaro.
Afterwards, you initiate your ride back to Guayaquil. If you are up for it, you can make stops to try the local snacks like corn tortilla and of course some tropical fruits.
Pernottamento: Guayaquil
Pasti: B/BL/-

  • Accommodation on hotels in double rooms.
  • Meals are mentioned in the program.
  • Private English-speaking guide and transportation through all the itinerary.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned places and activities.
  • Domestic and international flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional excursions
  • Personal expenses such as tips
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Any other meals, drinks, and/or services not mentioned in the program
  • PCR COVID TEST if applies

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A good physical condition is necessary to enjoy hikes of approximately 2 hours (depending on conditions, maybe a bit longer) in tropical climate. Technical experience is not necessary for the hikes. Light hiking boots are recommended. 

NB: Si prega di leggere tutti gli itinerari come semplice guida. Tutti i percorsi e i programmi possono cambiare senza preavviso a causa delle politiche e regolamentazioni dei parchi nazionali, delle condizioni meteorologiche, dei cambiamenti stagionali, motivi di sicurezza e della fauna selvatica incontrata durante il viaggio. La flessibilità è la chiave per il successo di ogni spedizione. Tuttavia, la sicurezza e l'interesse dei nostri passeggeri sono sempre la prima priorità.

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