Santa Cruz & Isabela Islands for Adrenaline Seekers!

Our 8-day Galapagos Multisport tour is an amazing combination of activities like biking, kayaking, snorkeling, Paddleboarding and hiking.

You will stay for 7 nights on two of the inhabited islands of the Galapagos and while doing the activities you will observe wildlife and enjoy the Islands in a unique way.


  • Learn about Galapagos conservation in Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Walk among giant Galapagos tortoises in their natural habitat. (Santa Cruz Island Highlands)
  • Kayak on Tortuga Bay which is one of the best beaches in the world according to National Geographic.
  • Garrapatero beach, which will surprise you with its crystal-clear waters and white sandy shores.
  • Tuneles where you will observe the lava formations that form the Galapagos from up close in an impressive marine landscape.
  • You will do one of the best hikes in the archipelago on your way to Sierra Negra Volcano, the world’s second largest volcanic crater, measuring 6 miles in diameter and 300 meters deep.
  • Paddleboarding in Isabela Island, this island is becoming the hot spot in Galapagos due to its miles of white sand beaches right in front of Puerto Villamil the main town!

Contribute to the local economy with land-based hotels and tours.

Piano di viaggio

Giorno 01
Quito to Puerto Ayora

Transfer to Quito Airport for Galapagos Flight

Private transfer

The big day is here! Today you will be taken to the airport to catch your flight to the Galapagos Islands!

Your private transportation will be waiting for you at your hotel to take you to the Airport, so you arrive 3 hours before your flight, so you have time to purchase the TCT, get your luggage ready, and get everything neat for your flight!

Welcome to Galapagos: Santa Cruz Highlands & Charles Darwin Research Station

Private group

Welcome to the beautiful Santa Cruz Island! After arriving at Baltra Airport, your guide will be waiting for you to take you to Santa Cruz Island.

You will be amazed to see giant tortoises in the wild (in their natural habitat) with our first stop at a local farm in the highlands where there are dozens of giant tortoises, and you can wander around at will and enjoy a delicious lunch, to then continue to the port in Puerto Ayora to check into the hotel.

In the afternoon, you will visit the Charles Darwin Station, where scientists from all over the world meet and work together on environmental projects such as water analysis, animal protection, effects of tourism on nature, etc., and the most famous place to see Giant Tortoises in the Galapagos where the animals are raised before being released into nature. The actual name of the tortoise area here is the “Fausto Llerena” Breeding Center, named after the Galapagos National Park ranger who cared for Lonesome George. This is the best place in the Galapagos to view numerous different species and see how their tortoiseshell shapes have evolved differently to match the terrain and vegetation of the islands they are native to.

Pasti inclusi: Breakfast, Lunch

Pernottamento: Puerto Ayora- Santa Cruz Island.

Giorno 02
Puerto Ayora

Kayaking Adventure in Tortuga Bay & Afternoon Bay Tour of Santa Cruz Island

Small group

We have reserved kayaks for you, and our adventure stars! You will begin with a 45-minute hike from Puerto Ayora to the heavenly Tortuga Bay, famed for its soft coral sand and spectacular scenery, this stretch of coast is considered one of the archipelago's most picturesque spots.

Take a kayak out onto the water to see marine life up close and admire the coastline from a different perspective—observing colonies of marine iguanas and marine birds, as well as mangroves, cacti forests, and fascinating coastal flora. You may spot interesting array of bird residing here; pelicans and finches are locals here, and near the salt lagoon that backs onto the mangroves, you even may spot flamingos wandering.

After kayaking at the nearby cove, sunbathe on the beach before returning to Puerto Ayora.

In the afternoon you will be taken on a bay tour on a small boat to visit exotic places along the bay of Santa Cruz, and visit one, or if time allows it, or more of these fantastic sites:

You will arrive at the small islet called La Lobería named for the great colony of sea lions where you can snorkel around sea lions and tropical fish displaying a dazzling show beneath the surface against interesting underwater formations.

Afterward, at the Shark Channel, you may spot harmless white-tip sharks and blue-footed boobies, you’ll come upon the Canal del Amor where you may find sea turtles and many tropical fish varieties.

Taking a 10-minute walk you’ll see marine iguanas in their natural habitat and have plenty of opportunities to take pictures.

Pasti inclusi: Colazione

Pernottamento: Puerto Ayora- Santa Cruz Island.

Giorno 03
Puerto Ayora

Adventure: Cycling at Cerro Mesa Reserva & Snorkeling at Garrapatero Beach

Private group

After breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up to enjoy a day at beautiful Garrapatero Beach on this eco-day trip from Puerto Ayora.

Bike across a lovely stretch of Santa Cruz Island to the protected Cerro Mesa Ecological Reserve, where you can enjoy a guided nature walk and fantastic island views from a lookout, afterward enjoy a delicious lunch (included).

At Garrapatero Beach, relax with a waterfront picnic on the pristine white sand, venture into the crystalline waters on an optional kayak ride or snorkel and soak up the serene, unspoiled landscape populated by birds like flamingos and mallards. It is a perfect site with a white sand beach, you can see the flora and fauna native and endemic to the area, has a spectacular landscape and is surrounded by mangroves.

You will return to your hotel for a well-earned rest for the night!

Pasti inclusi: Breakfast, Lunch

Pernottamento: Puerto Ayora- Santa Cruz Island.

Giorno 04
Puerto Ayora to Puerto Villamil

Speedboat from Santa Cruz to Isabela Island

Early in the morning, your guide will pick you up at your hotel in Puerto Ayora to take you to the docks so you can catch a speedboat that will take you to Isabela Island.

Excursion to Los Tuneles

Small group

Get ready for more wildlife encounters with a thrilling excursion to Los Tuneles, a perfect snorkeling spot. A series of lava flows have produced unique geological formations, like arcs and tunnels underneath and above the water, which makes the area a truly excellent place to swim around. In the shallow waters, you can find tropical fish, rays, turtles, sea horses, and white-tipped reef sharks! Keep your eyes open for penguins sitting on the rocks and prepare yourself for the possibility of swimming with majestic sea turtles.

At night, you can rest or explore Isabela Island as you wish.

Pasti inclusi: Breakfast, Box Lunch

Pernottamento:  Puerto Villamil- Isabela

Giorno 05
Puerto Villamil

Explore Tintoreras Islet

Small group

We will visit the islet of Tintoreras, mainly formed by lava rocks, for a short hike and snorkeling, this site, full of great biodiversity, is home to the famous white tip sharks, sea lions, turtles, iguanas, and many other species.

This small islet receives its name from the reef sharks also known as white-tip sharks that can be seen swimming along with fish and sea lions in the channels when the tide is low. To get there we will need to navigate approximately 10 minutes from the port. This place is also a site for marine iguanas’ nesting, allowing for close encounters with these animals. You can discover Humboldt penguins, marine iguanas, sea lions, and sharks, which rest in the natural channels formed by lava flows.

Afterward, snorkel in the turquoise water and it is possible to see sea lions, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, sea turtles, starfish, tropical fish, rays, sharks, pelicans and Galapagos penguins.

The afternoon and evening are at your leisure.

Pasti inclusi: Colazione

Pernottamento:  Puerto Villamil- Isabela Island

Giorno 06
Puerto Villamil

Hiking the Sierra Negra Volcano

Small group

The majestic Sierra Negra Volcano will occupy today's agenda.

Our adventure starts with a journey from Puerto Villamil to the beginning of the trail. Once there, we will prepare our backpacks and start our walk through the relatively young woods, which suffer from constant geological changes.

You'll do a six-hour roundtrip hike to its summit, from where you'll get to see the second-largest volcanic crater in the world. Walk around spectacular lava landscapes, taking in the northern volcanoes in Isabela and Fernandina Islands.

During your climb, make sure to be on the lookout for the unique vegetation that inhabits the area.

Your finishing point is the edge of the Sierra Negra Volcano’s crater, this volcano is still active. Once at the edge of the crater, you will have spectacular views of the crater and the volcanoes that surround it. The circumference of the crater is huge, with a diameter of almost 10 km along with its widest point.

You'll have some free time after you get back to Isabela Island. If you still have energy, you can head to a beach or snorkel at Concha Perla.

Pasti inclusi: Breakfast, Box Lunch

Pernottamento:  Puerto Villamil- Isabela Island

Giorno 07
Puerto Villamil to Puerto Ayora

Experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Puerto Villamil

Small group

You will be picked up from your hotel in the morning and taken to the dock, after a safety talk given by the guide, you’ll get ready and go around Puerto Villamil Bay observing mangrove and rocky shores where the crabs' rest; you also might have the opportunity to spot blue-footed boobies, pelicans, and frigates while you paddle and enjoy the peacefulness of the Bay. After this activity, your guide will take you to Concha Perla to snorkel.

**The bay of Puerto Villamil generally has calm waters which makes it possible for people of all ages with or without experience to practice paddleboarding here**.

Speedboat from Isabela Island to Santa Cruz

You will catch a speedboat from Isabela Island to Santa Cruz Island

Farewell Dinner by the Sea

On the final night before it's time to head back home. We hope you had a fun and memorable time in Galapagos, and that you'll share your experiences with your friends and family when you return.

Before we head our separate ways, partake in a special farewell dinner after a wonderful journey, and be sure to take plenty of photos to commemorate your Galapagos adventure. Relax with good company and a delicious meal on the Enchanted Islands.

We wish you safe travels back home and hope you come back again!

Pasti inclusi: Breakfast, Dinner

Pernottamento:  Puerto Ayora - Santa Cruz Island

Giorno 08
Transfer to Baltra Airport (GPS), Departure

Transfer to Airport on Baltra Island for your flight back to Mainland

If there is enough free time before your transfer to the airport, do some last-minute souvenir shopping or take a last stroll through Puerto Ayora.

At the designated time, your driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the Itabaca Channel, which you will cross on a ferry. For the last part of your trip to the airport, take the public shuttle bus to the terminal, where your program ends with your return flight to the mainland.

Connect with your flight back home (Galapagos - Departure)

Upon arrival from the Galapagos Islands to Ecuador's mainland airport, you will connect on the same day with your international flight so you can return home with some everlasting memories.

See you next time!

Pasti inclusi: Colazione

Overnight:  -


Day 1: Welcome to Galapagos: Santa Cruz Highlands & Charles Darwin Research Station (private group)

Day 2: Kayaking Adventure in Tortuga Bay & Afternoon Bay Tour of Santa Cruz Island (small group)

Day 3: Adventure: Cycling at Cerro Mesa Reserva & Snorkeling at Garrapatero Beach (private group)

Day 4: Excursion to Los Tuneles (small group)

Day 5: Explore Tintoreras Islet (small group)

Day 6: Hiking the Sierra Negra Volcano (small group)

Day 7: Experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Puerto Villamil (small group), Farewell Dinner by the Sea (group tour)


Day 1: Transfer from Baltra Island Airport to Santa Cruz Island

Day 4: Speedboat from Santa Cruz to Isabela Island

Day 7: Speedboat from Isabela Island to Santa Cruz

Day 8: Transfer to Airport on Baltra Island for your flight back to Mainland

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