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The Team of Responsible Travel -Ecuador Galapagos Travels- wishes you a great travel and thank you for your trust! ¡Buen Viaje!

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Special Tailored Tours

We are proud of our unrivalled reputation for outstanding tours to many of Ecuador’s most popular destinations which includes, of course, the Galápagos Islands. We can design an exceptional experience for an exclusive group departure and create unique or special interest tours to suit individual groups.

Thousands of our customers have been very thankful with our unique and passionate travel advisors and all the experiences they have planned for them!

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Different South American destinations

With multiple awarded touristic destinations, our itineraries are the best in South America – and we really mean it. Our Tours and Cruises sail not only to distinctive destinations such as the Galápagos Islands, the incredible mountains in the Andes and the lifeful and colourful Amazon, but to amazing destinations such as Machu Picchu in Perú and Cartagena in Colombia.

With over 200 destinations planned for 2020, whether it is iconic cities, remote lodges or relaxing cruises, wherever you want to go, you can get there with Responsible Travel EGT (Ecuador Galapagos Travels).

Galápagos Cruises

A Galapagos Islands vacation provides a unique opportunity to meet and experience animals in their natural habitat. Here you can swim with playful sea lions, relax up close to Galapagos giant turtles and enjoy the deep blue sea along with the friendly iguanas.

Explore the islands of the Galapagos Archipelago on a Responsible Travel cruise. Your cruise will berth in small harbors and drop anchor in secluded bays with long white beaches. As you sail between the islands, you’ll be entertained as whales, dolphins and flying fish accompany your journey.

For the full list of Cruises in the Galapagos Islands, visit our dedicated site:


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