Por quê viajar no seu aniversário
é algo que deveria fazer?

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Good morning, it is your birthday, you wake up in a hotel room and open the curtains; it is a beautifulday and what is out of the window makes it even better. What is out there? Maybe the Eiffel tower or aBeach in the Galapagos, who knows? You still have 2 hours until your driver picks you up, it is yourbirthday so you can do whatever you want- a delicious breakfast, then a great adventure awaits you;you have been planning this day for a while and you want it to be perfect, and it will be. A normalbirthday at home could be great, this year you decided to tell your loved ones you want to spend thisspecial birthday traveling. Some of them will go, others won’t, it doesn’t matter. This is not about them,it is about you. Even if you go solo, this birthday will be one of the best for sure.If you have never done it, it must be on your checklist to spend your birthday in one of your favoriteplaces in the world. If you combine Travelling plus a Birthday, the result is one of the best days of yourlife. For years to come, you will remember this trip and this specific day when you had the time of yourlife.This year, you decided to spend this unique day sharing caipirinhas in Rio do Janeiro with your lovedones, it will be a treasure that will live with you for the rest of your days, believe me, this is how youwant to remember your birthday. It happens to me that I normally don’t remember what I did on aspecific birthday, but the times I spent traveling will be remembered forever.At most of the places that you will go to today, you will receive special treatment. First, at your hotel,they already know that it’s your day and they will make you feel special from the second you open youreyes. Also, almost every restaurant or bar you will visit today will offer you a courtesy drink or a freedessert, who knows how they will celebrate you? Moreover, if you are with a loud group, they will tellthe world what is happening today, strangers will wish you all the best, and gifts will keep coming evenfrom those who don’t know you well and small shops.Here at Responsible Travel, we want you to enjoy this special day as much as you can, and we thinkspending your birthday in the Amazon Jungle would be a fantastic way to do so! This is why we arelaunching a special promotion for you! If you book your jungle tour with us and the travel dates matchyour birthday you will have a special price even if you are traveling by yourself. If you liked that, wait forthe prime promotion we are giving the lucky birthday traveler; If you are traveling with a group, we willgive you a huge discount, a 10% discount for every traveler coming with you, this means that if you areaccompanied with 10 travelers, you travel absolutely free of charge.What are you waiting for? Make your birthday extra special by booking a nice birthday trip today!

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