Birdwatching in Ecuador

The most superb places for the wonderous world of Birdwatching are in the middle of the world, in the small yet insanely diverse country, Ecuador. With hot spots such as the Chocó Andino, and the Yasuní National Park. With Cloudforests and Rainforests born from the Andes Highlands to explore.

The Chocó Andino area of the country has countless species of birds due to its fortunate location, being at the base of the Andean Highlands and the Equator at the same time. This makes it an ideal habitat for many of our feathered friends, such as the unique and popular Cock of the Rock.

The Yasuní National Park and the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest are ideal for encountering birds. Most of the rainforest is protected and makes the perfect home for the beautiful prehistoric bird, the Hoatzin. This unique bird is often cataloged as a Living Fossil.

These birds and much more await in Ecuador, accompanied by a fantastic adventure on an unforgettable trip. Head into the wilderness while also being comfortable and assessed by your local friends of Responsible Travel.

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